Green Mountain Sapsuckers & Sapnet

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Green Mountain Sapsuckers

Both tales are just as steeped in Vermont atmosphere as Goldhagen's film work is — while adding a lot of wacky, maple-centric humor.
— Margot Harrison, Seven Days

Goldhagen... just published his first book, a pair of colorful novellas looking to capture a bit of rural Vermont's charm by way of a horror story, with plenty of cartoonish camp.... Think Lost Boys, but with less California and more East Fairfield.
— Michael Frett, St. Albans Messenger

A tranquil, idyllic town: village green and country roads, weathered red barns and rambling white farmhouses, cows grazing in green pastures, covered bridges and trickling streams... and thousands of maple trees, providing a river of golden sweetness each spring.

But there's a dark side to this pastoral village. Greenish, long-toothed Sapsuckers. Feral sap lines. Genetically modified trees.

Follow adventurous investigative reporter Charlotte St. Johnsbury (aka, Ms. Sugar Maple) and country boy Chester Arthur as they uncover the dark underbelly of rural paradise

Born and raised in New York City, Harry Goldhagen has made his home in East Fairfield, Vermont since 2006, after working more than 20 years as a medical writer and editor. His photography and filmmaking have taken him from Utah and California to London, Paris, Bangkok and Tokyo. He has made two indie films, Bridges and The Nightingale Chronicles.

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Online at:, Barnes&Noble, Phoenix Books, and many other online sellers.

Or order through your favorite bookstore, including: Phoenix Books in Burlington, Essex and other locations in Vermont, and The Eloquent Page in St. Albans, Vermont.

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