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Current Projects

Angels in Medicine

A website that highlights the work of medical humanitarians.

Ask Ms. Maple

A hand-drawn comic strip starring Ms. Sugar Maple, journalist at the tiny Skunk Hollow Echo.

Older Projects


A distraught, disillusioned physician… a little girl with a life-threatening illness, desperate for care… a small town with a large vision: a vision of health care for all. “Bridges” tells the story of one doctor’s journey from bitterness and alienation to compassion and joy.

Starring Michael Manion, Cynthia Braren, Bruce Jones and Tim Kavanagh

The Nightingale Chronicles

A jaded fashion photographer, ready for a new direction, accepts an unusual assignment — to find a reclusive doctor who posts humanitarian videos — only to discover that the lens can point in both directions.

Starring Bruce Jones, Dawn Kearon and Tim Kavanagh

Green Mountain Sapsuckers & Sapnet

Follow adventurous investigative reporter Charlotte St. Johnsbury (aka, Ms. Sugar Maple) and country boy Chester Arthur as they uncover the dark underbelly of rural paradise.

Paperback, 134 pages, Onion River Press.

Searching for Chester Arthur

A graphic novel — a comic book! — documenting my search for the nearly forgotten 21st President, Chester Arthur, who was born in Fairfield, Vermont.